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New Calif Law cited for you to review.

California’s Newly Enacted Homeowners Bill of Rights pursuant to California Civil Code sections, 2923.55, 2924.12, and 2924.17

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New Laws coming in 2013 in California making foreclosure injunctions simpler – Call us today!

California enacted and is now effecting new anti-foreclosure law that may help the homeowner starting January 1, 2013. Remember they are NEW and not yet subject to judicial review in any appellate court for a while.  Exciting is this fact:  Enjoining [stopping] foreclosures is going to be easier. But doing this is very complex and difficult.  That is were we can help with one phone call to 818.453.3585. We have attorneys who can assist or you can be “pro se” and save. Either way we are here to help you understand the new statutes and get your action against the lender underway with powerful strategies that are courtroom tested and work!  Call for your consultation. It’s free and your calls are all confidential.  Our deepest thanks to Neil Garfield for his support of our blogs on his Living Lies site. God Bless Neil!

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