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We follow this weblog and Garfield’s Living Lies regularly for the latest in current trends and information We are writing this to disclose a troubling trend of political deception about the real state of the housing crisis.

As of 1-15-2013 the state of these so called “attorney general” or “Government settlements” is absolutely ineffective and impotent to stop the banks from continuing their tactics. These “settlements” are not benefiting the homeowner. Most only fatten the pockets of attorneys, the states and counties, but offer literally “scraps” to the homeowners. This is particularly true of the settlement crafted out by the California Attorney General Harris and many others similar.

Our firm’s opinion is that the ONLY, repeat ONLY way to stop foreclosures and evictions and turn the tables is to sue the bank for a restraining order and for millions in damages in court. Most cannot afford our firm in the East Coast area. We highly recommend that desperate homeowners get some form of legal assistance from knowledgeable sources.

Believe it when you read that the DC politicians are a bunch of beholden deceivers. Now Congress and the White House want to bail out the “bailed out” and will do nothing new or inventive to help the homeowner and their kids and families. It is downright pathetic. The courts are your only last resort, and from our research, the trend is changing to favor the homeowners more than ever now.

If you can’t afford a big firm in your area that “get’s it” then try Consumer Rights Defenders who have specialized attorneys, paralegals and expert loan and securitization auditors on staff who can help you sue and get more than these politicians who brag, but offer little in real relief. Consumer Rights Defenders has helped us litigate for our clients and offers the exact same strategies for the in pro se [unrepresented] as we have for years. When you need an attorney for court appearances, they help you get one, as well.

John R. Washington D.C. Attorney, J.D., MBA.

Call us today at 818.453.3585 for immediately assistance, nationwide. We have offices in California, Texas, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. and soon in New York, New Jersey, Penn, Mass. and Georgia/So. Carolina to help homeowners just like you. Ask for Steve or Sara.
Our success rate for Foreclosure stopping Restraining Orders is now over 90% nationwide.


Owners of wrongfully repossessed houses could now get up to $125,000 as ten major US banks agree to settle federal complaints. This will end a foreclosure review process begun by a 2011 enforcement action.

Under the new agreement, those people who had their homes seized and then sold would get the biggest pay offs, while banks who failed to modify people’s loans in light of a change of income would get off more lightly. The settled compensation is anywhere between $1000 and $125,000.

The initial 2011 enforcement review was ordered because banks and mortgage companies had bypassed steps in the foreclosure process and had mishandled people’s paperwork.

The banks involved include the Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, MetLife Bank, PNC Financial Services and Sovereign.

Monday’s settlement was announced by the Office for the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) and the Federal Reserve and covers up to…

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  1. Attorney Thomas B.: Atlanta:
    I could not agree more. Its time to stop believing in politics and take control. Consumer Rights helped us with the technical aspects of the litigation with clear understanding of how to structure the case for a settlement. I highly recommend them to anyone needing foreclosure defense.

  2. Consumer Rights Defenders is a reliable and understanding professional organization including attorneys, auditors and paralegals, who really understand what Foreclosure defense means to the consumer homeowner.
    We are very pleased with their work for our clients.
    Their foreclosure defense teams work with only highly skilled auditors who help make sense of your foreclosure issues including loan and securitization audits, chain of title problems, robo-signing, toxic and predatory loans, etc.
    We highly recommend CRD for all your consumer legal issues.

  3. LAW PROFESSOR WEIGHS IN ON “SETTLEMENT CHARADE” [ Jan. 2013 – Chronicle] After reading the content of several of the agreed settlement’s terms and conditions, these settlements are not specifically crafted with payments to the homeowner in mind if you read the terms of the agreements. The payouts will be targeted to go to the governments [states, counties] and agencies that brought the actions and little will likely trickle down to the homeowners. The red tape likely will keep payments from being effected for many months if not years. If anyone is interested in saving their home the best method is by a private court action targeting the banks that acted wrongfully and obtaining a damages award or private settlement. Prof. P. S.

    Consumer Rights Defenders uses experts to evaluate your case and has licensed attorneys and law professors who offer their published views about legal foreclosure cases. We will republish them here on our site as they arrive each month.

    Consumer Rights Defenders can help you. Call us today at 818.453.3585. Ask for Mr. Nelson or Ms. Stephens for a free consultation.

  4. Robert and Edith K in Dallas, Tx.:
    We contacted 6 law firms here in Dallas. Either they did not know how to sue the banks and get the foreclosures stopped or charged over $7500 in legal fees and wanted $300-400 per hour. We were heartbroken. No one would help us. Then we called Sara at Consumer Rights Defenders. They gave us a free consultation with an attorney, told us why we had a chance of prevailing and the pricing was about 75% lower than the conventional law firms with no hourly charges! Our case has been moving along nicely since last September and we got our temporary restraining order and stopped the bank from foreclosure all because CRD knew what to do and made things affordable. Highly Recommended.

    CRD now has offices in Dallas and in the Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC areas and offers services nationwide.

    Consumer Rights Defenders is at 818.453.3585 or Ask for Sara or Steve.

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